The Production And Uses Of Custom Embroidered Patches

Creative, attractive, and useful. More than clothing accessories, embroidereypatches are used to determine ranks, positions, and achievements, making them a popular piece of embroidery. Usually sewn on a cloth or attached with a pin, embroidered patches are patches with threads stitched into a fabric backing to create patterns, images, texts, or logos. Most of these kinds of patches are custom patches that cater to the varying demands of the users.


Their attractiveness and usefulness can be attributed to how they are being manufactured. Once a very complicated process, the production of custom embroidered patches have become more and more convenient for manufacturers, making it even more accessible for consumers.

Manufacturing Embroidered Patches

The production of embroiderey patches stretches back to the time when the world was still void of technological advancements. The fabric backing, which is the base of the patch, is shaped and its edges sealed. The thread is stitched into the fabric by hand. This time-consuming procedure though was changed when embroidery machines were invented. Over time, machines improved, incorporating different types of stitches used to design the fabric backing.

Today, with more technologically advanced computers, one can easily design embroidered patches using different embroidery software. Costumers don’t have to wait too much for their custom patches to be finished, plus they can order them in bulk because of their easier production. What was once produced over a long period of time can now be done over few hours, depending on the patch’s complexity.

One of the important parts of the patches is their fabric backing. Like its mode of production, the quality of these backings has also improved, promising durability. From the traditional fabrics, plastic backing is now applied to the patch, which makes it stiffer and which also avoids wrinkling. Most patches are die-cut and may vary in sizes, depending on the costumer’s needs.

The thread stitched into the backing also varies. Although some patches use cotton threads, polyester blend threads are preferred by many because of it is more durable and are dyed in color that will not be easily washed out. These threads are embroidered using different stitches: blanket stitch, chain stitch, satin stitch, running stitch, or cross stitch.

In personalizing an embroidered patch, the process does not involve hassle. A costumer may submit patch design ideas to the manufacturer. It can be a sketch, an artwork, or a vectored image that will reflect how the costumer wants his or her patch to appear.

These designs will then be digitally scanned and enhanced. The improved design requires the approval of the costumer before they are produced. This allows them to make revisions in case they are not satisfied with the digital proof of the patch.

Using the design file, the patch will be embroidered in multi-head sewing machines that are computer-controlled and can easily stitch varying colors of threads simultaneously.

The Many Applications of Embroiderey Patches

Even during the 80s, embroidered patches were used on soldier’s uniforms. Patches sewn on the uniforms commonly varied depending on the rank or position of the wearer. This goes to show that embroidered patches are not made only for decorative purposes. In fact, patches of historical values are being collected by many.


Up until now, embroidered patches represent certain achievements and are usually worn by individuals who involve themselves in scouting activities. The more patches you have, the more achievements you have achieved.

Custom embroidered patches, however, are also used as fashion accessories. There are clothes that make use of embroidered patches to improve aesthetics. Since one can personalize them, embroidery patches are also best used in expressing one’s self through the images, text, or logos conveyed on the patches. Different organizations and groups have also been using embroidered patches as part of their uniforms.

Priced reasonably and are easy to wear, custom embroidered patches can be found on different accessory stores and can even be bought easily online.


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